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    Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age

    HD Remaster - PS4 - 2017

    • Background, character model, fonts and all 2D parts are higher resolution
    • Movie scenes are higher resolution
    • Uses current-gen graphics tech
    • 7.1 surround sound
    • higher quality audio
    • Japanese and English voice
    • Option between original BGM and newly recorded BGM
    • shorter loading time
    • auto-save feature
    • turbo mode

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    Don't listen to Ondore's lies!

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    Loved 12 personally, never understood all the hate, its not in my top 5 but I still enjoyed it

    Looking forward to it, hopefully a PC release eventually too

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    CoRk wrote:
    Don't listen to Ondore's lies!
    I’m Captain Basch!

    Yeah, I enjoyed this one too once I figured out the battle system.
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    I've ragged on this particular ff a lot over the years but I'm kind of hyped to be honest. While it lacked anything resembling a story, the game was so pretty and had so much side content. In fact, the side content makes up roughly 80% of the game. I still remember taking six hours to down Yiazmat...

    There are also so many creative ways to cheese the system, I leveled Vaan up to 100 at the very start of the game once.

    It's better than XIII. We can all agree on that.

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    Never completed it, this is my chance!

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    Is this a turn based FF?

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    Nope real time combat similar to MMO's.

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    It lets you set up strategies for each player's auto attack
    e.g. when X happens do Y
    IIRC you can pause the action and manually issue commands.
    Must say it's my favourite battle system out of all the non-turn based FFs.
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    12 had terrible character development... which is what Final Fantasy used to stand for back in the day.

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    12 had a troubled development period. Much of it got left on the cutting room floor when Yasumi Matsuno left the project. Basch was originally supposed to be the main protagonist.

    If you want a comparison sir grim, think Dragon Age Origins. DAO actually pretty much lifted the AI party member tactics features straight out of XII.

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    I used fran as my party leader for dat ass while walking around.

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    I think I got up to a "Wall" boss and never returned.

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    jords wrote:
    I think I got up to a "Wall" boss and never returned.
    I heard that boss was "hard", except I defeated it in one move & all the bosses around that point.. Was about that time I started doing quite a few side quest as they are damn hard... Overall I stopped playing as the story was getting me bored & the main boss fights were over in a couple of seconds, so did some side quests till I got bored..

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    As someone who loves Final Fantasy these days with wild abandon (except you Chapter 13 in FFXV...**** you so much), I'm pretty darn excited for this. The gambit system looks like fun, highly customisable and everyone seems to go bananas for the story/characters in this one, pumped like it's a new FF tbh.

    Anyone else jumping in?

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    Yes. Though at a later and cheaper date.

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    Ben Moore from Easy Allies with a good preview.

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    jords wrote:

    Ben Moore from Easy Allies with a good preview.
    Brandon's voice could sell me anything

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    Probably play when its cheaper.

    Got a few titles I'd like to get through before buying anything else.

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    i grabbed it about 2 hours before it released.

    its going to have to be put on into the backlog (along with about 40 other ps4 games lol)
    but i loved it on ps2, got all the way to the last boss before i was sucked into another game and never returned to finish it for some reason.

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    I had this on PS2. I'll wait for a PC port, in a Steam sale.

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    What does turbo mode do exactly? Skip battle animations?

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    Krichul wrote:
    What does turbo mode do exactly? Skip battle animations?
    Explained and shown here:-
    Essentially it's putting the game in Fast-fwd.

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    1440p upscaled on PS4 Pro. It's :clap: a :clap: PS2 :clap: game. :clap: Native 4K should be achievable! Pathetic.