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    Tomb Kings maybe?

    It wasn't even 'preorder', you got Chaos for quite awhile after release as well. This is one game I probably won't have any issues with preordering though.

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    So bought this, and am playing the new campaign as Lizardmen.

    That feeling when your magic frog army spends too long focusing on the Skaven hordes and Chaos corruption gets too high in your home province because you haven't conquered the last Norsca settlement yet and forgot how Chaos corruption works - so that you suffer atrocious attrition moving your armies to attack it, and then they have to stop and fight a Chaos rebel army that erupted due to plummeting public order due to aforementioned corruption...

    ...or when you send your army of 1500 dinosaurs holding swords to fight the Skaven and have to retreat after killing 3200 out of 5600 of them because you like your army and don't want any units wiped.

    Love the feel of Skaven - it really does feel like you're fighting against a horde of swarming rat things that will devour the earth.

    And found a good tactic to keep several clanrat units tied up for yonks - send in a Bastiladon, doesn't do as much damage as other units, but that giant armoured dinosaur just soaks anything the clanrats can throw at you for ages.

    Oh and the mechanism where the Lizardmen units go on a rampage under 1/2 health is fun too - you have to position your units so that if they do go feral, they're attacking stuff usefully anyway - which typically means lob the lower health units into the thick of action.