Red Dead Redemption 2

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    RX 570 + Ryzen 1600 + 16GB RAM + ethernet. Medium settings.

    No lag issues, just the occasional disconnect with rockstar servers message and that's only when I play with my GTA/RDR crew who are mostly US/EU people. When I play on my own I don't tend to get server errors.

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    TemptedNZ wrote:
    Alas you cannot have TAA on with Vulcan without it shitting the bed texture wise so its either no AA or FXAA... I think it's not rendering some stuff properly tho. If you switch Motion Blur on to test it everything is ULTRA ****ed. LOL. Lighting is worse very obviously than DX12.
    Have not experienced any of these issues with Vulcan.

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    Yeah neither.

    7700k and rtx 2080, and runs fine at 1440p, no hitches, stutters. 1 crash all up.

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    Same. Runs smooth as a baby's bottom, unless it crashes, then it's a full blown crash.

    EDIT: This probably explains why some of us are having stuttering and others aren't. I've got a 3900x and playing on an ultrawide monitor so I shouldn't see any.
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    Nvidia released a driver to fix a shit ton of Vulcan issues today.

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    Wow that driver really fixed a lot of the Vulcan texture issues!
    I cant believe some people are saying they haven't noticed.

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    Loaded the driver, looks exactly the same.