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    Man I wish I could get into this game. Ive tried so many times. But end up getting bored which sucks cause this expansion looks great.

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    Might look into rebuying this if all the reports about the expansion are true. Sold the 360 version off after 3 weeks due to it becoming a boring grind fest.

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    This expansion looks like it'd bring me back...

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    The changes seem promising, Ive held onto the game and go back to it now and again, glad to hear they are loosing the light level ... that bit did my head in trying to find anything decent as I'm not a PvP multiplayer

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    What a pile of horse sh$t

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    For those interested in additional details, Forbes (which writes a surprising amount about Destiny) has a fairly comprehensive rundown; changes aplenty indeed.
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    According to Activision Blizzard's financial report, Destiny has over 20 million registered players
    over 20 million registered players minus 1...
    There's no way I'm paying $74.95 for an expansion (to a game that excludes me from certain content - P$4 exclusives) when Mighty Ape is selling the game, all three expansions plus limited content for $99...

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    Is this tantamount to "paying for patches"?

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    KnightNZ wrote:
    Is this tantamount to "paying for patches"?
    A lot of the features they're offering definitely seem to basically amount to acquiescing to long-time player base requests. But it also seems like that there is a lot of new content. Eep, it's not cheap, though. May be the kind of thing where they're not so worried about getting former players back on as they are attracting new people / confident that all the people that enjoy the game despite its flaws will fork out for this.

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    It make me think about finally buying it.

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    Nolan North