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    So instead of a beep when I turn it on, I can get a blow-off valve?

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    Still looks ugly.

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    Looks cool but the noises would get irritating after awhile especially the disc eject sound.
    I think giving a digital download code with a special edition console is pretty poor

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    Ugh, definitely not for me. Unclear in what way it's modelled after the cover car, it's not even the same colour. I find no novelty in the custom sounds, and the controller looks especially bad with that uniform shitty turquoise all over the top.

    Meanwhile, will they ever release the white/black controllers from the Sunset Overdrive bundle on their own? Those looked nice.

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    I 'd consider a slim revision... unless all of the Xbone first party games get ported to PC.

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    Love it! it is a sexy color, very cool hands down flat out buying it, TAKE MY MONEY!!!