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    WHOA they made a second one? i was quite happy with the first and kind of forgot about it, but it was pretty cool. How would you say it is compared to broken age?

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    Well considering that I think Broken Age Pt 1 was the most disappointing game of 2014 and I gave this a 9/10. I think that speaks volumes. Broken Age was all unfulfilled potential, and simplistic game play. It has great ideas and writing, but frankly it failed to live up to the legacy that it used as an inspiration. TBoUT however embraces everything that made PnC Adventure Games from the 90's so much fun. Its the best example of the genre in 15 years.

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    I love point and click adventure. Gonna get this!

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    I purchased the first one the other day from gmg on sale am I enjoying it so far, will definitely get this 2 but might hold out for a price drop first.