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    I have high hopes for this and ToN, 2015 is going to be another stellar year for RPGs....I can feel it!

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    So amazing, looking forward to this more than I did the birth of my son.

    On the bug front, I have a general wait period of between 6 months and a year for any american RPG release. Purely to allow for the majority of feature improvements and bug fixes to be completed. I purchased wasteland 2 in the kickstarter and am almost getting ready for my first play through after perhaps the next patch. Will see how the general reception is before committing to that as this one is gonna be tough to voluntarily wait for.

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    This is one of the most anticipated games of all time for me. I backed this at the collectors edition level, and although I have the beta I've not touched it. I want my first play to be the complete and finished product. I may give it a wee while after release as well just to make sure there are no serious game ruining bug, because as much as I love the content that Obsidian consistently provides their QA is not the best... although South Park had a pretty smooth release.

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    Was there any indication of how long the game is?

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    Has anyone purchased the expansion pack for $20? Seems a bit of a gamble when the main game hasn't even come out yet

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    i did not get the expansion but like Pyro, i got the collecters cos i am silly..

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    damn :/ this is the first i had heard of this but i wish i could have added to the kickstarter.

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    I'm surprised. It was the largest kickstarter ever for a while, and remains the 2nd highest funded video game on the site after Torment: ToN. $3.9 million and much more via paypal and pre-orders