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    So they added a chubby guy in the PS4 version, nice.

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    Aside from the up to 4K option for PC, the rest of the content is the same across all platforms. So no, they added the chubby guy to all new versions.

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    Pretty sure the original release trailer didn't look like the PS3 footage they showed in this one. So they only show how the game looks on PS3 when it makes them look good?

    Why didn't you release it on PS4 in the first place, you con-artists? Or at least on PC. If you pay twice for this game, you're a rube.

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    Do we get a PS4 to PC Comparison ? :P

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    Mox wrote:
    Do we get a PS4 to PC Comparison ? :P
    Soon Son.

    Rockstar devs confirmed that they have the PC version running over 60 frames per second for maximum settings although they did not specify the hardware used.

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    Yeah, I'm definitely not buying this until we've heard the critical reception. We all know of the state the last GTA PC port was in for several months after launch.

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    GTA V PC port is being done by the Max Payne 3 dev team, its a different team to that which handled GTA IV