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    Thats like what 20 more years of wow then?

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    TatonkaBill wrote:
    Thats like what 20 more years of wow then?
    I think Blizzard's idea is to increase the rate at which they release expansions so that they can keep players strapped in. I imagine it gets harder and harder to win players back each time they lapse.

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    Last raid was SoO, was mostly recycled content, org, npcs etc and that was released a year ago...
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    They've already confirmed that WoD will be a short expansion so I'm inclined to agree with James.

    WoD will only have two raid tiers and as such we could get the next WoW xpac by Blizzcon next year already.

    I think Blizzard's end goal is to release xpac's out of the box as is with only one raid tier and then release the next xpac 6-8 months later

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    Sounds like we are being milked
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    WoW's glory years are definitely behind it. My MoP return only lasted one month, i just couldn't acclimate to how much of a solo experience it is now.

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    Sea Monkey wrote:
    Sounds like we are being milked
    Yes, but tbh $50 every 6 months for new xpac with $15/month sub fee is still bat **** cheap - that's a whole years gaming for $280. You could go watch 10-15 movies at the cinema or play WoW for a year, the value is comparable.

    And you would be getting more value.. right now you're subbing $15/month and raiding SoO for a year when for an extra $50 you have fast content on a regular basis i.e new raid tiers every 2-3 months on a stable release cycle.

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    They said Cataclysm and MOP were going to be "short expansions" because they "wanted to release more expansions more quickly", yet both Cata and MOP were both still two years each? And if WOD is supposed to be a shorter expansion compared to the last, why does it cost $10 more?

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    The reboot of project Titan can't be going that well.