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    Former Gangster Rapper Ice Cube sues over his portrayal in Call of Duty.

    is portayal a word
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    Manuel Noriega may not be a "good guy" but he has a point. What Activision did was pretty much slander. I know its a video game and "a work of fiction", but i don't know if that counts when you then name characters as real people, in real places and portray them as a psycho.

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    popopop wrote:
    is portayal a word
    Thanks for the spot.

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    Wait, what - American laws around privacy and human rights only apply to AMERICANS and not HUMANS?

    Colour me not surprised.

    Pathetic defense though - or else we would see them going right ahead and using UK/insert locale here celebrity likenesses without recompense...don't see that flying somehow.