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    Very fair review. Nice work!

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    Just finished watching the entire 1hr of cutscenes in this. Felt like a TV episode of the show, good stuff

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    cryocore wrote:
    Very fair review. Nice work!

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    I can imagine it to be pretty basic and sucky if you're not into South Park, but its pretty much the accessible South Park RPG that will cater to 95% of the fans.

    Well done to the reviewer on the fair score and well done to Obsidian and the South Park crew for putting it all together, initial expectations were low but I was pleasantly surprised!

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    Nice review. I want to play as the Jew.

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    Great review.

    I personally give it an 8/10

    Finished it over the weekend and enjoyed every moment of it, just wish there was more to do once you finished the game and also I hate it when games put in missable items/achievements.

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    I haven't finished it yet, but so far my only complaint is the mini games. They're funny the first few times but when you've failed for the 50th time for no reason it does get a bit tired.

    Not too concerned about lack of endgame, I can already tell I'm going to play through this at least twice.

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    Played through about 3-4 hours, enjoyed it so far, make sure to put it on hardcore otherwise it is pretty faceroll.