EB just 'cancelled' my pre-order.

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    Nice one

    Glad it all worked out for you.

    Greatness Delivered.

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    noice so far this has definitely got to be the story of this generation for we shall remember it forever

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    For The Players Thezez

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    LoL I am staring at my box but still wont be able to open dat box for approximately 12 hours.

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    Methesda wrote:
    Well kids - as you can read on the edited OP, Thezez came through for me.

    Please drop in on that first page to check out my tribute to him.

    Otherwise, here's some pics of me being dumb, with a full on November Mo' i like to call the 'Fernando'.
    That's awesome man, so glad this worked out for you.

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    Awesome stuff. Hope thezez gets some major karma back for this. Gc as!

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    Methesda - Enjoy the hell out of it, so thrilled it all went to plan.

    It's sad and frustrating that EB didn't turn this into a customer services win, but what else can you expect from them?

    As a side note, I'll definitely have to start saving for my PS4 early next year, I think my cat is bored with the PS3...

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    What kind of cat is that? I want one!

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    Black Plague*** wrote:
    What kind of cat is that? I want one!
    That would be a persian of the "idiot" variety.

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    Methesda wrote:
    And finally, the first time I see the 'symbol'.

    Note you can see my relfection in the TV. I hadn't noticed at the time, but I am literally on f(*&ing tippy-toes. Literally.

    Thanks again Thez. You made my year mate.
    Thezez did some sort of magic and secured you a PS4 and you put it on carpet! how could you?!? You're a monster who's worse then Hitler.



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    Nice job Thezez.

    Needs a '4 the Player' tag.

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    DJ wrote:
    Nice job Thezez.

    Needs a '4 the Player' tag.

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    DJ wrote:
    Nice job Thezez.

    Needs a '4 the Player' tag.
    Yeh, I agree...

    Also - PS4 only on the carpet temporarily that day. it now takes pride of place on a vented monitor stand (where a laptop would normally go) next to my PC rig.

    Don't shoot me!

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    That exactly what a person who leaves a PS4 on the carpet would say... I'm on to you.

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    Been away for a week, but arrived home to find a nice box on my doorstep! For the players/drinks!

    Thanks so much Methesda!

    Stealth 2015 edit: Finally got a PS4!
    Last edited by Thezez; 9th April 2015 at 1:29 pm.

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    So, when is this HOF?

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    Right now.

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