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    Can't wait to play it tomorrow (at work now )

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    10: Didn't expect anything less.

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    The game should make the top 5 games of all time list based on metacritic ratings

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    10/10 huh?

    My install is nearly done. Can't wait

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    ooooo cant wait, come on home time

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    SirGrim wrote:
    The game should make the top 5 games of all time list based on metacritic ratings
    Haven't actually read any reviews as its due on my doorstep any moment, but

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    SirGrim wrote:
    The game should make the top 5 games of all time list based on metacritic ratings
    People gave GTAV the same scores and that was far from perfect.

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    Should be interesting to see if gta online affects the games scores at all. Especially if their are server issues in 2 weeks time when it goes online.

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    Are these Escapist guys known for scoring differently?

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    10/10 huh... I am less likely to trust a 10/10 than a 9/10

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    Hate to be a downer, but remember GTA 4 was the greatest game of all time as well. And while it was a good game it was hardly a great game.

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    Glad I form my own opinions on games.

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    The rating system is too skewed to be of much use these days. Just think of 10/10 as "this is a really great game" and not "this is perfect". Or better yet, read the review and not the score.

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    I cancelled my preorder when gamespot only gave it a 9.

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    I wouldn't even rate Baldurs gate 2 & Final fantasy 7 & 9 at 10/10 and they are my favorite games. I don't think GTA 5 will surpass Vice city which imo was the best from the series so far.

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    Is this game less boring than 4?

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    Got it last night, pretty ****ing awesome game. Already on 2 day leave.

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    SQ_Walrus wrote:
    Is this game less boring than 4?

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    bang ya dead wrote:
    People gave GTAV the same scores and that was far from perfect.
    Agreed, IV was crap.

    Just going from my first four hours with V, it has pretty much taken every shit element from 4 and fixed it. Driving is great, the writing and voice acting is awesome and the gameplay is just damn slick.

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    Whats performance like on PS3?

    If it's a launch title with the PS4 (unlikely), I'll hold out, but if not..

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    Haven't had any noticeable issues so far.

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    I hated GTA IV and as said by others, that got great over hyped reviews for a bit

    so is GTA V more like GTA SA and worth the purchase?
    I dont even currently own a console but might purchase one instead of waiting for a (possible) PC version

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    Awesome game!
    Don't know how they fit so much in 2 discs.
    Sometimes I can see the FPS lag abit, would have been better to see it on a next gen console.

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    Spent some time watching a mate give this a spin this morning (PS3 version), as well as a 45 min play myself when she went out to get lunch (aint no-one gonna give nobody the controller when they could be ballin).

    Shame on-one is commenting on the non gameplay shortcomings though.

    Its really impressive but the performance is utter utter garbage in many places. FPS drops in to what must be the teens which REALLY messes with the driving. Draw distance is low so you notice things fading in constantly when driving, not so noticeable when on foot. There is some sluggishness with controller responsiveness that we both noticed when there is heavy action on the screen, thankfully this didnt seem to be all that often.

    Combat is HUGELY improved over all previous iterations, and the driving physics are much better balanced and cars are responsive and fun to drive as a result.

    Does it look like the trailers? Not even close. It looks like a less washed out GTA IV. Anyone idiotic enough to think this would be a much better looking game than IV will be disappointed. Having said that there is a lot more detail in whats happening on screen. More peds and cars, as well as shadows which do add flavour and improved "realism" to any given scene. If I had to guess I would say that the optimisations made since IV have been put in to maintaining and slightly improving the subpar performance of IV whilst adding more visual depth with additional polys in every scene. Textures might be slightly better, but not by much.

    Apart from the technical gripes its pretty spectacular game. A real return to form on the writing front from RS, and it completely erases any and all ill feelings I had due to the morose previous entry. Its satirical perfection and expertly delivered in every aspect. I am sure this will at least match the heights of SA and VC, and most likely eclipse them by a fair margin if the quality of the game is on par with the 4 hours or so I saw of it.

    Still wont be buying the console version unless it confirmed that it will be the only option. If its released for PS4/PC I will be all over it.

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