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    Tyre wrote:
    Tyre - Don Nyan - White Mage - Tonberry

    Anyone know of any kiwi FCs on this server?
    pl4gu3 - Mediation Mac - Gladiator - Tonberry

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    KiwiAhri - Myst Daigusto - Summoner - Tonberry

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    Savagepaw - Savagepaw Stormchosen - Dragoon - Diabolos

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    Wow, 3 year thread necro!

    Might as well chuck mine in here. Not playing right now, waiting for Shadowbringers mostly. Won't be too long before I'm back in the grind!

    Xev - Thrash Panda - Behemoth

    Not adding a job as I play basically everything. Jobs I play most of are Warrior for Tanking, Scholar or White Mage for Healing and usually Black Mage for DPS.

    Currently with TIER (Top In Every Round) FC with a few other Kiwis and some super rad people from around the world.