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    Posts in this thread appear as comments on the following Gameplanet article:

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    Never go full retard Americans.

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    I just didn't like her in the first place

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    did they run out of things to complain about or something?

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    Never go full American

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    Seems to have started with comments from Mike Sacco (@mikesacco) formerly of Cryptozoic. I think "embarrassing" is a better call than racist, although he took umbrage to Burch calling her language 'black slang' instead of just 'the way some people talk'....

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    Jesus ****ing christ..

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    I'm guessing irony is lost on the complainers. After all implying African Americans are only allowed to use that slang is racist in itself.

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    She was my fave NPC by a long margin. I wish there were more of her missions

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    I know a guy who makes snow look dark and he talks in the stereotypical african-murican rapper way and we all had a laugh at first but he still does years later, it just became him, don't see how it's racist in anyway.

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    So they complain now not months ago when it came out?

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    so wait, if TT was BLACK SKINNED then all these retards would have gone hahaha funny black person amirite? But noooo because she is white skinned she is RACIST. **** these people. Kids with no concept of racism would be laughing at her funny mannerisms. BUt adults who are educated to be racist and precious would..

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    Fans? Give me a break.

    One of the people making the claims about Tiny Tina is white.

    ****ing non-conformist, hipster douchbag with a Twitter account.

    p.s. saying the character speaks black is rascist in itself.

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    I'm not sure I understand... she's racist because she isn't black??

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    What's next Mad Moxxi is a bad example of females in a video game and demeans woman worldwide?

    Tiny Tina came across as having a few screws loose, not once did I even think of Race while playing this game so I guess it's all in the eyes and messed up imaginations of the complainers.

    She was also my fave character just beating Handsome Jack in terms of awesomeness.

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    "Tina truly is problematic I'll change her,” wrote Burch."

    THIS is why games will never be accepted by the mainstream the same way movies and music are (as an artform).