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    My PSU died last month and I replaced it with a 8 year old Corsair one I'd kept in a box. Shout out to Corsair for making quality. This month a RAM stick died. I'm not buying Seasonic or Mushkin again, straight trash!

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    Doesn’t seasonic have Corsair parts inside?

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    They're supposed to be an OEM for other brands, so maybe other way around.

    Just ordered a Kingston 16GB DDR3 dual channel kit off Trademe, fingers crossed.

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    which model was it? most of corsair PSU's either have 5 or 10 year warranty, I would have assumed the Seasonic's would be similar so yours may still be under warranty

    edit: yes your post is from November 2014, so your G series PSU is still under warranty until November 2019

    Contact computer lounge and RMA it...

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    Steins;Gate Elite is coming to PC!

    Now we just need Steins;Gate 0, Chaos;Child and Robotics;Notes.