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    EvaUnit02 wrote:
    Jim did a stream going through all the REEEEsetEra leaks and drama.

    You need to get out more bro.

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    Limit0 wrote:
    Too often I find myself wanting to talk about something specific in a game or have a recommendation for people or have a brain fart I want to share, but don't really have the thread to post it in. And I'm definitely not going to create a new thread for such comments.

    I thought a General Discussion thread could work quite well. The closest thing we have to this is the screenshot thread, but it's not always convenient to post a screenshot and it doesn't really allow general talk about games.

    So what are you playing at the moment? Any really neat indie games you can recommend? When's HL3 coming out? Got anything to say that's even remotely related to gaming?

    Been cranking a bit of this lately and it's done really well to bring something new to the adventure genre. Having only a flashlight and a gun is a nice change, allowing for some pretty intense moments as you juggle your battery and your ammunition.
    Hope the second one is even better... anyone played both?
    did you see the bright falls mini tv series that was used to advertise this game?

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    Finally finished Days Gone. God, what a slog of a game! Soooooo long, way longer than it needed to. Game could have been 1/3 the size and I'd still leave satisfied. Didn't help it that the story doesn't carry the game. At least the base gameplay was still fun, killing zombies, hordes, and clearing enemy camps.

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    jords wrote:
    You need to get out more bro.
    There's chem trails outside. F that.

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    I've been replaying the uncharted games. They run almost like butter on the PS4. It's pretty interesting to see what tricks they did back then to make the world's seem bigger back then.

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    Finished the last episode of the Spider-Man DLC, "Silver Lining". The story was fine, not quite hitting the highs of the main game. Really enjoyed the story of the first episode, with the introduction of Black Cat, one of my favorite characters. Hope to see more of her in the eventual sequel!

    It was hard as ****, I was playing NG+ on the hardest difficulty, though.

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    Are there any Minecraft geeks here?

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    Restarted Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4. Currently on Chapter 4. I took a looooong break from this game (I had finished the previous chapter in last November, lol). But man, do I love this game. It can be clunky and unintuitive, but the story, characters, world building are top class, the best I've ever seen in a videogame. Every mission is a joy because of all the engrossing characters, and the dialogue is sooooo good. Shooting is also fun, of course, but it's the exploration and the freedom that really capture my interest.

    I'm trying not to miss any side mission, I just want to meet more of the people in this world, knowing their stories, hearing what they have to say.

    Spent 1000 dollars on an Arabic horse, so far it seems worth it, it's a really fast and resistant horse, I'm just hoping I don't run out of money because I was left with 100 dollars after my purchase. Fortunately I've paid all my bounties already and I have been good with the law, so I don't expect to pay up anytime soon.

    Haven't really touched the online, though. Probably don't even plan to. I don't think I'll enjoy an online game that has the gameplay of RDR2 as a foundation, but doesn't have the amazing story to back it up. Also, I don't have any friends that play it, that would be half the fun. I also heard the online is a massive grind, don't know if they've changed that lately...

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    I just finished The Forest with some mates... I didn't even know there was an ending or a place like that at the end lol.

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    ^Haha that's funny as. Though it looks like it would get boring after 5 mins.

    EDIT: Also if anyone has Insurgency Sandstorm, try out the zombie mode, it's fun as.
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    Amid Evil was made in Wellington, had no idea.

    A spiritual successor to Heretic and not Hexen, thank Christ. Hexen was awful, Heretic on the hand was just dark fantasy Doom.

    Hexen summary:
    *flips switch*
    Game: "A passage has opened."
    Player: "Where?"
    *Finds the newly opened door an hour later after backtracking every corridor in the level hub.*

    |icED-e@RtH| wrote:
    Last I looked, this was being made in NZ as well.

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    Fortnite is in decline. Excellent, hypocrite Tim Sweeney will have less money bags to bribe developers with into Epic store exclusivity.

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    I know I shit on Ubisoft games for being generic & formulaic but I'm really enjoying AC:Odyssey atm & even enjoyed FC: New Dawn which I played just before that. Maybe the formula isn't as stale for me as I thought it was lol.

    Odyssey is much better than Origins which I also liked. The story in New Dawn was meh but the game was helluva lot better than crappy FC5. DIdn't drag on as long & none of that stupid getting tranquilized from out of nowhere shit.

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    Ins0mn1ac wrote:
    I know I shit on Ubisoft games for being generic & formulaic but I'm really enjoying AC:Odyssey atm & even enjoyed FC: New Dawn which I played just before that. Maybe the formula isn't as stale for me as I thought it was lol.

    Odyssey is much better than Origins which I also liked. The story in New Dawn was meh but the game was helluva lot better than crappy FC5. DIdn't drag on as long & none of that stupid getting tranquilized from out of nowhere shit.
    I actually liked Origins more than Odyssey. Maybe it's because I find the Egyptian era more interesting than the Roman era. I liked New Dawn a bit more than Far Cry 5 as well.

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    Remedy Games has today received back it’s Alan Wake publishing rights.

    They are now free to do what they want with it.

    I’m hoping for a remaster of Alan Wake and Alan Wake 2 production to start

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    Grand Theft Auto 6 “leaks” - posted on Reddit from someone claiming to be mocap studio developer who’s worked on the project.

    The next GTA title has been in development since 2012, but production didn't begin properly until 2015, but even then the team was focusing more on Red Dead Redemption 2.
    It's another Rockstar Worldwide Production.
    Codename is PROJECT AMERICAS.
    Set in both Vice City and a new fictional location based on Rio de Janeiro.
    Some linear missions take place in Liberty City, but it isn't an open world (think Ludendorff in GTA 5).
    Game will balance realism and arcade and it won't be as realistic as Red Dead Redemption 2.
    One playable protagonist: male, not female, despite supposed leaks.
    Set in 1970s-1980s.
    You play as an up and coming drug lord-wannabe named "Ricardo". Another key character called “Kacey” is a part of the narrative. You start off as a grunt doing runs as a cocaine smuggler from Vice City to the new large South American area before making connections with big time drug lords and making your way up. Multiple cities.
    There will also be a giant prison which will play a part in the game.
    Will feature a 'chapter' system similar to a Tarantino flick or Red Dead Redemption 2.
    Weather is a heavy focus (hurricanes, floods, etc).
    Buildings change over the eras, vehicles too. So older, rare classic cars get more expensive as time progresses etc. Full economy.
    Heavily inspired by Netflix's Narcos.
    They want to have an incredible 70s/80s soundtrack.
    A younger Martin Madrazo will make an appearance as will his father who is a big drug lord at the time. You do some missions for the Madrazo family involving hits on other gangs.
    Drug empire building is a mechanic similar to Vice City Stories but bigger. Think the GTA Online system and dial it up to 10.
    You can only have weapons on your person. No arsenal in your back pocket, like Red Dead Redemption 2.
    Your personal vehicle will be like your horse saddle in Red Dead Redemption 2. All your equipment is stored in the trunk. You also store your body armour in the car. If you wear it, it appears, no longer just an invisible thing.
    There will be tons of subtitle reading. Think Max Payne 3 amounts, very immersive, like watching an episode of Narcos. Whenever you're in South America, don't expect to hear much English. Vice City however is a mix of everything, but mostly English.
    Last bit of narrative info, it will discuss topics such as HIV and the immigration crisis of the time. A fictional version of Fidel Castro etc.
    Next-gen only, not PS4 or Xbox One [aka PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett]
    GTA 6 is now their primary focus, alongside another title (which might be Bully 2).
    Game is still in Pre-Alpha so names, locations, details could and probably will change.
    Release expected end of 2021

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    |icED-e@RtH| wrote:
    The Iron Maiden lawsuit claims were laughably ridiculous, but clearly they decided that it wasn't worth fighting. Bruce DICKinson indeed.

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    Better to get the game out sooner, then another delay. As much as I like Iron Maiden, this really is disappointing from them.

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    Picked up DQ Builders 2. I'm enjoying it even though it's a slow start and has a ridiculous and unnecessary amount of dialogue. It's a fun mix between building, adventure, and exploration, all spiced up with some RPG elements. More of the original in a better way, and I like that.

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