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    Well worth the watch if you're planning on (or on the fence about) getting this.

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    He's extremely likable from everything I have seen of him.

    Shows really raw/unfinished content.
    Doesn't just ignore the bad texturing on the grenade, acknowledges it and explains why it is so.
    Isn't afraid to say additional content has to be monetarily viable.

    He never says anything that makes me roll my eyes and think "You have absolutely no ****ing idea about gamers, and you're avoiding shit you don't want to talk about."

    Something all too common these days.

    I'm hoping the enemy variation is as great as it appears to be. It's one of the few things I think D3 did really, really well. Enemies with different ways of entering the fight, different mechanics and different deaths. The aircraft transforming into robots, then back again if they want to is ****ing boss.