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    Posts in this thread appear as comments on the following Gameplanet article:

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    Good review

    Was pretty much spot on with what I thought about the game

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    inb4 Rockstar bashing

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    Looks like the True Crime franchise just made a name for itself... Except it's without the True Crime name.

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    GP gave GTA 10/10..

    Thought sleeping dogs was FARRRR better tbh

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    Real keen to try this game

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    Mox wrote:
    GP gave GTA 10/10..

    Thought sleeping dogs was FARRRR better tbh
    GTA IV came out nearly four years ago.

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    I see the 1.5 patch is out today which is supposed to fix the frustrating camera/mouse issues for PC players. YAY

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    Relentless wrote:
    I see the 1.5 patch is out today which is supposed to fix the frustrating camera/mouse issues for PC players. YAY

    Sleeping Dogs Ė Patch 1.5 Release Notes


    Improved CPU timing to reduce issues where the game plays too quickly
    Various fixes to improve stability and minimize crashes during gameplay
    Fixed an issue with the Bink video player which may improve stability during in-game videos such as the title screens

    Controls & Camera

    New option added! Aim Soft Lock: Lets the player enable or disable aiming assistance from the game
    New option added! Mouse Free Look: Enables/disables camera auto-centering behind the player when using the mouse and on foot
    New option added! Mouse Raw Input: When enabled, input is sampled directly from the mouse which improves responsiveness and accuracy on supported mice
    New option added! Mouse Sensitivity: A modifier that determines how much speed is recorded from mouse movement
    Mouse camera logic has been reworked for improved precision (independent of the raw mouse input option)
    The Action Hijack binding is now independent of the Sprint/Parkour key value
    While driving players can now use the mouse to look up and down
    While driving the camera no longer immediately auto-centers when you stop moving the mouse
    The high-speed camera shake while driving has been reduced
    Mouse sensitivity no longer differs when Wei is and isnít carrying a gun


    Front End screens now support a button help bar that is fully interactive via mouse
    Users are now able to exit screens by pressing the Back button
    Corrected all issues when exiting a screen using the Backspace and Esc keys
    Itís now possible to switch sections by clicking on the corresponding icons or tab headers
    The mouse wheel will scroll through all relevant lists in the user interface
    Mouse hit regions have been fine-tuned throughout the front end to improve user experience

    FREE LOOK! oh how i have missed you- considering starting a new game since i haven't progressed very far

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    Native raw input, awesome. The more games with the option to natively bypass mouse accel, the better.

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    Mox wrote:
    GP gave GTA 10/10..

    Thought sleeping dogs was FARRRR better tbh
    This has been pretty common for Sleeping Dogs TBH. It's easily the best of the open world GTA-style games released since SA (an argument could potentially be made for SR2 though) and yet it's getting middling reviews and yet GTA4 which was a steaming heap of horseshit got 10s.

    Chur, professional review ethics.

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    This just arrived in the mail today

    Celticknife wrote:
    GTA4 which was a steaming heap of horseshit got 10s.
    It wasn't THAT bad

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    i still play GTA IV to this day

    so i must quite enjoy it :P

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    Bla bla bla, it turns out different people have different opinions. In my OPINION, GTAIV / RDR are the two best open-world games ever, and shit all over the messy, shallow SR series as well as GTA:SA etc. I don't, however, have the audacity to claim that anyone whose opinion differs from mine has somehow compromised their "professional review ethics" (and don't even understand the logic of such a claim in the first place?)

    I'm interested in giving Sleeping dogs a go, tho! Will buy a copy when I can, because I quite enjoyed playing through TC: SoLA

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    alienguy wrote:

    It wasn't THAT bad
    He's just a whining bitch

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    I posted this in another thread but: this game is ****ing awesome. miles better than gta4 and sr3 imo. (my opinion is the best opinion)

    controls are a bit wonky though.

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    the new mouse controls are ****ING AMAZING

    its transformed the game to the point i just want to start again

    trouble is - i shouldn't be raving about this - it should have been there from the start - god damn consoles!

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    People disagree with you therefore professional game critics are corrupt?

    This guy...

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    Trying to claim they aren't (to a degree) corrupt? Has Mass Effect 3 taught you nothing? The big name titles will always get universal praise regardless of their faults. The slightly lesser name titles don't get any such allowances.

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    Yeah generally if a game is from a hyped up franchise or a hyped up developer, the review scores are on a scale from 9/10 to 10/10, where as everything else gets scored on a 4/10-8/10 scale.
    It's best just to ignore scores completely.

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    Zerulas wrote:
    It's best just to ignore scores completely.
    How do I decide which games to buy then? by their covers?

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    just watch videos of it, if it looks fun then buy it.

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    yeah but film trailers trick me all the time into making me think they're good films when they're not. how do I know games wouldn't do the same thing?

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    So you're incapable of forming your own opinion? I already know well in advance if i'm going to like a game before i buy it. Do some research. Watch some youtube videos.

    You can read a review and glean valuable information from it, even if you disagree with anything said in it. Scores are for the most part meaningless.

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