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    Never ever understood the hype around assassins creed.. tried to play them.. but they just seemed linear and boring :S

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    I liked the first but never understood why everyone loved the second completely put me off AC.

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    Lol, I just started playing Brotherhood today (am about 2 hours in so far).

    I can't speak for how good the Brotherhood and Revelation games are as I haven't finished them yet, but I really loved the first 2. I played and finished the first game within a month of it's release (however many years ago that was lol) but I stopped playing the second one halfway through because the story was dragging a bit, and I have only got round to finishing it within the last week. I think both games have their strengths and weaknesses. The first one had a great story but the gameplay was a little rough around the edges while the second had much improved freerunning and combat mechanics but the story was long-winded and not always very interesting (you also ended up spending way too much time in the animus and not enough time as Desmond imo). However the environment and atmosphere for both games is incredible and is the reason I love them so much.

    As for Ubisoft releasing the PC version late, if they f*ck it up as badly as the Ghost Recon release then I will probably buy it for xbox despite the downgrade in graphics.

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    Wasnt a fan of AC1 after about the half way mark. It got real boring and repetitive. AC2 was much better. Far more varied locations and quests, more NPCs and a better story. It improved every single aspect of the first one. Brotherhood was fun but it too became boring. Wont bother with Revelations, but AC3 looks like a nice change so will probably pick it up.

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    AC1 bored the hell out of me, AC2 was better but still didn't hold my interest. Ain't touched one since