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    Watch video...

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    Sorta hoping for some actual gameplay, not just shots of stuff happening without much player control. Looks very nice though, effect of buildings growing was cool. I wonder if they actually implementing the tilt shift style camera view in game.
    Also placing individual buildings is , much prefer zoning an area and allowing it to grow based on the cities needs. Maybe it was just something for the video though, placing a couple of landmarks in the commercial zone.

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    And you can't save, alter then and reload to wind back cities.

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    Well, that generally looks great and ill probably get it... still not being able to load a previous save is a bit of a downer... I was never one to destroy my city and re-load it but more reload after some poor choices resulting in an economic collapse....

    Its a bit disconcerting that games these days are relying heavily on the online experience. I like playing BF3 online for example but having that single player was also good.

    Like I was never one to play Diablo online, I just enjoyed the story and the single player mode... always online is a bit of a drag.