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    a new sim city cool

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    jamespoo wrote:
    a new sim city cool
    Not just new... but rebuilt.

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    Yeah well, they'd have to catch up after Cities XL started doing curvy roads first.

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    do wantttt

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    Looks good, had many a good time in the original & 2000, will definitely be giving this a go

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    Yeah this looks pretty friggin sweet

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    Spotila wrote:
    There's already a well established thread for this
    You teach that "gameplanet" person a lesson!

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    Want this now.

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    Pretty keen. Loved 2000 back in the day, and had a ball with SC4

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    Want remake of Simcity 2000 Windows Edition, not the shit version gog has

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    Always-on internet connection?

    [Flirting with a suspension here, friend] - James