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Do you play PC or console?

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268 80.72%
64 19.28%
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    A classic console and PC poll. Not going to bother breaking down xbox/ps3 etc. Just want to see what the split is here with PC and console gamers, If you own both vote for the one you play on most.

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    PC of course. Own a PS3 but only play it when I want to hire a game and see if it's OK before I get it on PC.. And I find that most games lag on PS3 anyway.. Around 20FPS sometimes it seems!

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    I have a PS3 as well as my PC, but I rarely use it these days. Though L.A Noir will get a play through after The Witcher 2, and I have been playing some MK. Will get Infamous 2 at some point too.

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    I use both almost equally, but a slight edge to PC at the moment. Not a fanboy either way though, I just prefer some games on PC and some on console. Preordered The Witcher 2 on PC and L.A. Noire on 360.

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    PC 4 LyF

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    both of coz

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    50%pc 45%xbox360 5%ps3 tbh

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    Depends on the week and what games I've just bought, to be honest, so I'll have to skip voting and say 50/50.

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    Console here..

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    Mostly console. Do play my share of PC games tho.

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    Stopped playing PC games after the novelty of a new rig wore off late last year.

    360 usually gets a good seeing to but the PS3 gets its turn when new exclusives come out (I only buy console exclusives for PS3, I choose multi platform games for 360).

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    Where's the both option?

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    mmario wrote:
    My PC isn't a dick like that All my kids play nice.

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    mmario wrote:

    hahaha that pic is awesome!

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    Always buy consoles and end up never using them

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    PC 90% of the time
    Xbox 10% of the time

    Dont know why i got the thing

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    I found with both the Xbox and now the Xbox 360 that I buy the console when it comes out and play it all the time, but about 3-4 years into their life cycles I've drifted back onto the PC again as they become realitivly obsolete. I guess in another 18 months or so when MS and Sony release their next Gen platforms I probably buy one of them and go back to Console gaming once more.

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    The RROD is wrongly attributed to the PS3 in that pic.

    PC users' ignorance in proud flourish.