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    Just finished up Kingdom, was a pretty good manga if you are into seinen. It takes place in China when china is split into 5 states 4/5

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    Nork22 wrote:
    While not quite manga, I got my Spice & Wolf LE novel collection.
    Am jelly (although I don't care about numbered copies).

    Just started Natsu no Zenjitsu, 6 chapters in and I'm loving it.
    I lasted until chapter 6 of Innocent, it was okay-ish up to the point where two very effeminate men kissed and I closed it there.
    The Earl and The Fairy was good, although nothing amazing.
    Gekiryuuchi/Over Bleed is okay, usual martial arts taste for blood thing.
    I'd recommend Otaku no Musume-san if anyone is looking for a good father-child relationship, was really good apart from the art

    I'd say avoiding both Yomeiro Choice and Corpse Party would be a good idea, couldn't get more than 3 chapters into corpse party and 19 was where I finally drew the line for Yomeiro Choice.
    Ending on a positive note, Food Wars is just as excellent as the anime (4 volumes in), same with Assassination Classroom (11 volumes in).

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    nozoki ana

    10/10 manga

    very enjoyable.

    emiru top tier waifu material, made my top 5 even i think

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    I just started reading Cat Eyed Boy. Thought it was a lil bit goofy at first, but it's gotten progressively creepier the more I read. Pretty awesome tbh

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    Cohabitation is a good little trashy manwha

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    I've started rereading FMA trying to decide if i should get the rest of the omnibus series or just get the entire boxset and sell off the couple of omnibus books I already have . Also thinking about grabbing the Death Note and Claymore box sets.

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    read first chapter of black clover, what ****ing garbage that was lmao

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    Murakami wrote:
    Cohabitation is a good little trashy manwha
    hahahah my man

    i love it

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    I'm not that much into Manga reading, although I love it. The only one I got to read was Let's Shojo. Has anyone here read it? Are there anymore such downloadable manga that I could get from Google Play Store?

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    Shingeki no Kyojin
    Boku No Hero Academia
    Natsume Yuujinchou

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    I'm reading only one One piece

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    Picked up Vol 1 of The Girl from the other side yesterday, so will start working on that.
    Up to volume 2 of I am a hero, loving that so far

    Have recently decided to read Naruto as well, I've watched it since it came out (I was around 16) so that's been like...15 years
    So got volumes 1 - 5, will probably keep buying them in 5 volume blocks, as well as a LARGE book case to fit them all

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    Just Re-Read Battle Angel Alita and now halfway through Battle Angel Alita Last Order.

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    I follow quite lots of manga so I can only remember few for now:
    1) Tokyo Ghoul:re - the series is reaching its climax, it's literally impossible to drop right now.
    2) Grand Blue - I don't know if we all know this series by now, basically it's a comedy series about a new guy joining a college, he also joins a snorkeling club and that's when the fun begin. The comedy is quite gold, it reminds me of the old days in college (though it wasn't as ridiculous as in the manga).
    3) Boku no Hero Academia - Really catches my eye and I'm wondering whether it can be a hit like Naruto, One Piece, or Bleach.
    4) Promised Neverland - also a new series, and it's concept is quite grim, yet interesting. I guess it's better to find it out by ourselves.

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    reveal of an anime called "Kraft"

    One Piece
    Hunter X Hunter
    Attack on Titan

    saw a reveal of an anime called "Kraft" They started funding there are more concept art released

    Could be interesting if it happens! it going to be 3 episode

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    Started on book 6 of FMA (omnibus edition) and just received the massive Claymore box set today Ahh I'm in manga heaven. (will be interesting to see the differences between the anime and the manga for both series )

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    Well I finished Claymore a couple of weeks ago. The story wasn't that good. But the art was pretty cool for what it was but just a few issues with the actual story.

    Now I'm reading Deathnote, Damn the pace is so much faster than the anime. The artwork is pretty darned impressive as well. So far it's more enjoyable to read than Claymore was.
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    One Piece

    Wish Hunter X Hunter author works harder =/

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    scho660 wrote:
    Wish Hunter X Hunter author works harder =/
    The author has an exclusive contract with the SHonen Jump that basically allows him to publish at his own pace

    He spends entire days gambling on Mahjong

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    Well my Akira 35 anniversary collection came in from the uk yesterday. So far so good (it's actually done in the proper way this time instead of the flipped version we had back in the day)

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    Sorry for the necro'ed thread lol

    Finally got the Battle Angel Alita: Deluxe edition box set Damn it's nice. Seems to have a bit better translation than the Akira manga box set.

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    after we finish the series we'll then watch the shorts and then the OVA. We'll watch the shorts first and then the OVA the day after as most of the shorts were released before the OVA was released. properties near viviana mall thane

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    Sorry to hijack, can anyone recommend a good .cbr reader? Windows?

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    ComicRack could be helpful?

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    I read hadacamera manga [all chapters] online - yomanga and This is my favorite manga because of this manga story so nice.