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    My cat turned up after more than 2 months missing.

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    Some of the pack.
    Ruru, Nova with Scruffy, Ivy and Harley.

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    RIP Snuffs

    Sorry I moved you to another city when you were so old (17), and unwell.
    Sorry I didn't realise how unwell you had become. Sorry I stressed you with the scary move and the scary plane tip.

    Sadly you had a horrible final week, but hopefully your final day was better.

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    GaR wrote:
    My cat turned up after more than 2 months missing.
    Wonder what he/she got up to?!

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    I want to be reincarnated as a cat

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    cats are awesome..

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    I found my cat dead beside the driveway yesterday.
    At first it didn't seem real and only really sunk in when i buried him, but now i just feel heartbroken and i hate being at home.
    I keep expecting to hear him and have started calling him before realising he'll never coming running to me again.
    my mum died last year and that was rough but i managed to deal with it with minimal tears, but for some reason this is killing me. even typing this out is making me cry.
    Has anyone else experienced this degree of anguish over losing a pet? i feel like im coming unhinged.
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    take it easy if you can remember the good days you had with your mate,you both had a bond no one could break and that was one of the most best things in life.

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    Sorry for your loss, pets are always hard to lose when they're so ingrained in your routine and daily life. Onward and upwards, friend.

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    Its even sadder when you look back on old photos of your pets and remember the good times you had with them.

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    Just arrived!

    - - - Updated - - -

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    Yoga pose

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    getting company

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    I lost my buddy Halen today. 13 years of the most gentle cat I've ever met. His cancer came back and was too much. But at least he's not hurting anymore now. It hurts a lot.

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    GokuCat - Strong Warrior
    Named partially by my 3 year old niece who will likely never know Dragonball Z

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