What are you currently playing? (screenshots)

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    ^ Other than being choked to death, it was a rather nice tropical getaway.

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    Just started Dragon Age

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    Fallout Tactics:

    Cruising the wastelands in my hummer

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    EvaUnit02 wrote:
    Those graphics look pretty dated. So why was everyone wanking on about Uncharted 2 having mind blowing visuals?
    Play through SP then form a proper opinion. The MP segment never was meant to look as good as the SP, this was made known by the developers early in the development anyway.

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    exercising my e-peen... or e-vag?

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    Riddle me this, Mr. Tree...
    Next time, I'm going to kill that bastard. (Also, totally need to take a screenie of the Juggernaut armor, a pain in the arse to get, but totally worth it)

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    Playing through it again with Oblivion Lost.
    Great time to jam

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    Call of Duty 2 (PC)

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    EvaUnit02 wrote:
    Call of Duty 2 (PC)
    Man those graphics look surprisingly good

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    Slow_Cheetah wrote:

    Boom headshot

    lol thats cool

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    l4d lol

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    Might & Magic VII - For Blood and Honour

    Here's the team falling to their deaths after leaving Celeste (floating city) the fast way

    And here we have Santos re-animated as a zombie (GODAMN NIGHON WARLOCKS, I SAID RESSURECT HIM!!), the bitches be crazy (some Evil Eyes turned them insane, frothing at the mouth etc.... at least i hope it's froth), and while the ladies are insane and Santos is a zombie, Butch thinks it's a great time for a nap

    (Awesome Game is you can look past graphics)

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    Trine (PC). It's much more than another indie physics game, it's a solid platformer with good combat mechanics. Gameplay overall is a lot of fun. Like say with Bionic Commando: Rearmed, there is a sense of accomplishment once you've gotten past the trickier obstacles. The graphics are lush and animations are smooth. The art direction overall is outstanding. The banter between the three playable characters is enjoyable and the voice acting is very good. The music is great as well.

    Great little game, highly polished with extremely solid and enjoyable gameplay. I highly recommended picking it up off Steam (or PSN, although this is far better with mouse control). My only complaint is that there's severe lack of enemy variety (this definitely isn't the case with level environments and puzzles/obstacles though).

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    Just finished a couple of maps of Q3A Freeze Tag ...
    Also play in a window (1152864)

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    Quake (PC)

    Final Doom: Plutonia Experiment (PC)

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    Just had a quick game of COD4 with PeZBOTS ... (Also in Windowed Mode)

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    Killing Floor

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    More MW2

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    EvaUnit02 wrote:
    Trine (PC).
    Intrigued! Gameplay videos look wicked.

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    Men of War, Red Tide. T-26 carving up the Romanians

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    Same T-26, hit by a Romanian anti-tank shell