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    Enough weebo, more some synthpop:

    would rather waifu Florrie everytime.
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    Anyway, time for that massive guilty pleasure.

    Dat 'club hip-hop'. The synth sample and added bass nails it, lyrics are meh (not quite Sid Diamond 'Speakers Blown' abysmal but it's tough to beat that sort of ****tiness) :

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    does generic synth-pop automatically get a pass for ****ty lyrics or something?

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    Buffy Summers wrote:
    does generic synth-pop automatically get a pass for ****ty lyrics or something?
    Florrie has better tracks yo.

    Dat popular 80s synthpop song about drug addiction (and reflection on the 'trip') with the 'view while tripping' video with like meaningful lyrics and ****.

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    tfw aliexpress shipping is so looooooonnnngggggg

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    why would you want 'meaningful' lyrics for a ****ing club song

    i wanna hear money, drugs, hoes and other filthy **** when i party. None of these touchy feelings ****.

    Sample is dope and Q does the beat justice.

    and why is guilty pleasure still a thing in 2014


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    All are gone, all but one
    No contest, nowhere to run
    No more left, only one
    This is it, this is the countdown to extinction

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    Binged 1 and a half seasons of luther this weekend. Do recommend. Have made so much good use out of having netflix.

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    binged is a weird past tense for binge.

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    Crazy womanz in the Maccas parking lot telling me to come and look at the massive light in the sky. Proceeded to drive away. Turns out they weren't so crazy.

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    Are we all going to die?

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    somebody plz give me a dissertation topic kthnx

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    memes and memes accessories

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    Katy Perry's tits

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    Breaking Bad not deserving of the hype

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    got civ 5 for $2 lol

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    Imagine Gerter

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    i got it for free

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    Buffy Summers wrote:
    somebody plz give me a dissertation topic kthnx
    Do one on this thread.

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    started playing Crusader Kings 2. p. cool.

    so much what am i doing tho

    brb 3 of my sons died lol and 2 councillors died as well zzzzz

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    how do you offend white people?

    tell them they cant tell racist jokes