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    Still folding, been on and off over the years

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    *viper* wrote:
    Still folding, been on and off over the years
    yeah still humming along here, made a promise to Dog (Spams partner back then)

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    incredible that 8 years later (9 now ) this is still getting noticed

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    Just started folding again too, now that winter is here... got to warm my room somehow

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    R.I.P hope ya enjoying it out there, been so long but seems like only yesterday

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    It's been a long time. I'll never forget that last LAN I had with cheech and spammy. Was a great day, good memories. Still jealous of that monitor

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    It really doesn't seem like 9 years... wow.

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    still folding here, when I get a few days to do it

    Anyone else still running ? been just over 10 years now


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    Bodyguard wrote:
    still folding here, when I get a few days to do it

    Anyone else still running ? been just over 10 years now

    Yeah, when winter rolls around I usually start folding again - bit of extra warmth in the room doesn't hurt Slowly making my way up the contributions board - I'm catching you Bodyguard! (user: Dan_J)

    Can't believe it's been 10 years - don't know where the time has gone.

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    Bit late posting this, but thought it was around April that Leigh passed away. I'v just reinstalled the folding software as since putting on a fresh install of Windows 10, I'd forgotten to reinstall it. If you have a modern GPU, that will also fold at a greater rate than just the cpu alone. I often had my PS3 folding and its a real shame that I can't use it for that anymore.

    Anyway, I'v edited the link to the team page as the old link was broken. Perhaps this bump might encourage a few people to get on board again

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    Etacovda wrote:
    The more pc's that run it the better of course. A cafe would have to pay an extra 100 a month on their power if they run 10 FileZilla UC Browser Rufus computers using F@H, and most net cafes have heaps of comps, so its probably not feasable for them.
    You have to do a full WU before it'll show your name hover your mouse over the system tray icon, it shows your process on the protein you're working on... im at 215/400 atm
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    Decided my study needs heating this winter.

    Never was able to get into it back in 2004, as my PC at the time was from 1999 and shared with five other people. Now I have all this hardware sitting around idle and wanted to do something useful with it.

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    bump time!

    There are GPU specific projects running at the moment, so if you've folded before, or able to get into it. Look at getting involved! Use team 36489 as your team name, so it goes towards the Folding for Leigh score. You can earn bonus points if you're that way inclined by configuring the utility to have a passkey.

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    I'm back into it now too. Needed my GPU for my dissertation last year, but can run it as a heater now.

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    Running about 50% of the time due to a shortage of WU. Means we're processing research as fast as the boffins can feed it to us!

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    Update from the F@H forum:

    Welcome to the Folding Forum! Before you start, there are a few things we need to tell you:

    • The Folding@home team know about the work unit shortage.
    • It's happening because of an approximately 20x increase in demand.
    • The Folding@home team are working on it and hope to have a solution very soon.
    • Keep your machines running, they will eventually fold on their own.

    See the massive increase in active users:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    so awesome that they've got all these new members helping out

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    Well done for keeping this going so long.