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    Too little story, now it seems there might be too much of it. Gameplay is one of the things that sells a game. Look at the story elements of a game like overwatch, outside of the cinematics or little in game banter between characters, it doesn't have much back story or development of anything, but people put buckets of time ino it's competitive and non competitive modes. I know I've sunk around 2097 hours into destiny for the grind and the collection aspects and the game/gunplay without being drawn into the story very much. If I want a great story, I'll play the last of us

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    Well you may be in the minority then. The two can co-exist, great gameplay which Destiny has and great story which hopefully Destniy 2 will have.

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    what a joke, you know what they showed pre-release for D1? tons of awesome looking story stuff.

    what made it into the game? almost none of it lol.
    still have a long way to go to prove yourselves with us Bungie.

    so sad to see what happened to the studio that did Halo: Reach and ODST.

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    fenberry wrote:
    Too little story, now it seems there might be too much of it.
    You must now from all those many hours you've spent playing D2... oh wait, that's zero.

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    inb4 they change their minds near end of development, throw out most of their content and fire their staff... again

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    I don't believe anything they say until they can prove themselves

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    Will backfire if its a terrible story.