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    People are complaining about the sales. If you like it enough spread the word I say. Yes i know developers have a commitment to advertise there game but word of mouth helps. And the fact that some companies get duped on advertising budget

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    It only made $10m on steam launch. Games that pull more tend to spend massive sums on TV ads and lame cut-scenes (press E to win). Yeah that stuff pays for itself, but it's nice to see a proper game making it occasionally. Also they would've made more money if the pre-order bonuses were more gimmicky. Maybe next time eh?

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    jords wrote:
    Does the rest of the world release sales data?
    There are sales data companies in most major territories, but I don't know of any that are considered particularly accurate.

    Most only track brick and mortar retail sales, and some have a component of estimation to them.

    Publishers only tend to release total sales numbers when they're really good (or to investors during financial reviews), which makes getting an complete picture of things pretty tricky.

    Steam Spy has a good reputation for accuracy, but obviously it only tracks sales made through Steam.

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    Hey corporate white knights, the chickens have come home to roost.

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    ChrisB wrote:
    $60 USD (the standard price for games) =$86.70NZD + 15% GST = $99.70NZD
    Steam Price $99.95NZD
    Maybe next time you could check your facts, and this is ignoring legit alternative resellers like GMG who are selling it for $74NZD

    The no demo thing is a strange complaint, and there havn't been PC demos for years.
    If you were thinking of buying it, you could always go the Steam Route, play it for a couple of hours and refund it if you're unhappy.
    Hell, you do that if you like it, and then purchase the cheaper one from GMG.
    This all seems like strange complaints to me, in fact your attitude in general here seems oddly aggressive. Also, I am not sure you are using the work "arrogance" correctly.
    Yeah I can't recall the last AAA game to have a demo.

    That'd be an interesting thread of its own, heh.

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    EvaUnit02 wrote:
    Hey corporate white knights, the chickens have come home to roost.

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    lol, you should start reading your posts aloud before clicking "Post reply"