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    Bloody wrote:
    dude, we are the only ones who will be left in teh future!
    And a blue woman and a blonde woman.

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    IST wrote:
    Can anyone suggest a good pic capturing light piece of software (not fraps) to use instead to capture the HDR goodness?
    Press Alt+F2

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    SirGrim wrote:

    "Bioware Edmonton and Montreal symbiosis is broken. Lots of conflicts and bro culture."
    "Lost over 13 leads (game design, art, audio, prog, senior core leads, etc) in 5 years at Bioware Montreal on Mass Effect. Edmonton lost only 3. It is clear that Edmonton has the bigger part of the stick when it comes to purge Leads and Producers who are not aligned with their leadership style."
    "Putting people on performance improvement program (PIP Program) is the new tactics to get rid of people. Once again more than 10 people in Montreal got slammed with this bureaucratic uppercut to let go people that are not bending to Edmonton leadership styles in the last revision cycle. This approach is used by the Montreal Leadership to purge the mess from the lack of vision cause by upper management in the last 4 years (throwing people under the bus to protect bad core management)"
    "Renaming crunch to Finaling mode. Which means company pays for your lunch but you have only 30 minutes to eat and then getting back on the keyboard. Was lasting for over 2 months and was a real catastrophy."
    "Retaliation and harassment is sadly a reality. If you talk and ask questions you will be tag as a trouble maker and end up in a bad position."
    "HR won't help you out. They will deny the current harassment from Monreal management by ignoring and not documenting the facts. In other words if you leave don't talk. Just let it go..."
    "Many benifits got cut due to too much time extension to get the game done."
    lmao wage slave problems

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    ChrisB wrote:
    Press Alt+F2
    Not sure what you mean broski: is that Origin built in screenshots? Alt-F1 is capture on my Nvidia Geforce Experience utility, and that's the one crashing my whole system whenever HDR is enabled (I'm starting to think it's a buggy Geforce Experience thing instead of buggy ME:A...hard to say though). Screenshots work mint as as long as HDR10 is turned off in settings (Full Screen / Windowed - both work sweet as): just wanted some HDR pic goodness

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    Alt+f2 is Ansel. The new nVidia drivers should have activated it. Go in game and try it out.

    You can capture massive pics. Ansel re-renders them on the fly.

    The biggest I've gone is
    Name:  ansel.jpg
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    but you can go much much much larger.
    Has a lot of bells and whistles. Does HDR sweet as too.

    This is (most of) the UI

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    Oh snap! Nice man yep will give Ansell a burl, it must be tu meke for Geforce Experience in 4K with HDR to handle, that makes sense (although I don't really understand the tech haha).

    I must say as well Skorky, that Tunnelbear install wording is the cutest thing I've seen in an installer: more programs should copy that humorous install vibe.

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    Ahh man I am so spoiled this week, I got Nier and been playing the shit out of that and now Andromeda!! (I also have HZD but I wont even be able to touch that now lol)

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    I actually didn't mind the opening hours too much, it reminded me a great deal of the Eden Prime and Cerberus base levels used to kick off 1&2.

    Great review regardless.