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    ^^ it me

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    buriedalive wrote:
    Physical Zelda = $100 in NZ vs $60 on Amazon but I'm only assuming theres no PAL/NTSC issues (do they even still do that?)

    PAL/NTSC hasn't been a thing since digital TV was introduced, and was almost never an issue in NZ anyway (with our TVs/DVD players/VCRs almost always being able to play both).

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    Wasn't the Wii u region restricted?

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    WarZoner wrote:
    Wasn't the Wii u region restricted?
    Region restriction is different from TV format compatibility.

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    Eurogamer also reports that Switch games cost the same amount in brick and mortar stores as they do on Nintendo's eShop (even though the eShop versions are obviously don't require a cartridge) so Nintendo doesn't run afoul of large retailers like GameStop and EB Games, which wouldn't be happy if games were cheaper to buy digitally than they are in a physical store.
    Do you remember back when Microsoft was thinking about making the One digital only and all these people said digital only console titles would make gaming cheaper? This is exactly why digital only gaming on consoles and cheaper prices for digital over physical will never be allowed to happen. The stink that will be caused by retailers with slim margins on new games already would be absurd.