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    Good stuff! Paladins is actually a very good game too

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    i've been seeing paladin flying around a lot and have been curious to how it plays, might see if i can give it a go. Its free to download right?

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    Freebie on steam, almost exactly the same as Overwatch but free, a little buggy but i believe its still in beta.

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    opaque wrote:

    ^^^ Hahahaha, that is about right

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    opaque wrote:


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    opaque wrote:

    Its more like Smite than Overwhatch.... But I do get why there is all the comprises. One is F2P, the other is not. One is a 3rd person game, the other is first person. They both use a hero system that comes from MOBAs. They both have an art style. They both have a Dwaf. One has a dragon, the other has a guy monkey/ape guy.

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    Jagji56 wrote:
    They both have a Dwaf.

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    Jagji56 wrote:
    They both have an art style.
    I'm convinced .

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    opaque wrote:

    So true

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    SirGrim wrote:
    So true
    I own overwatch and right now would probably play paladins over it. Overwatch is a great game but pretty tedious and stale for me.

    Not say paladins is better or anything but it does have more depth